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Destinations Club

Get Rewarded for booking!

For every third booking you make with The Destination Lounge we'll offer you something free to say 'thanks'.

Get Rewarded for Recommending a Friend

When you recommend us to a friend, family or colleague we'll give you a £10 gift voucher of your choice.

Get Rewarded for Hanging Out with Us!

Whenever we hold a 'Destination Event' as well as offering special 'event-only' deals, you'll get a discount on the ticket.

Get all these Benefits for Free!

We don't charge for you to be a member, so it's a win-win for you!

Terms and Conditions

A gift may be claimed once the third qualifying booking has been made. Qualifying bookings must be of £600 in total value or higher. Bookings made prior to membership application/acceptance do not qualify. The 'gift' will take the form of an addition to a future booking in the region of £40 and will not take the form of cash or a discount on said booking.

Referral rewards will be awarded to any member who refers a new client to The Destination Lounge. The £10 high street voucher may be claimed once said client makes their first booking. If we are unable to source the gift voucher you request, we will ask you to choose an alternate.

If you have any questions about how the club works, please contact a member of our team.

Travel insurance with Covid Bubble Cover at The Destination Lounge, care of Holiday Extras

Our Travel Insurance now comes with 'Covid Bubble Protection'!

At The Destination Lounge we recommend that you always cover your travel plans with suitable Insurance, ensuring that your policy carries the correct level of cover to suit your holiday.

Whether you need a single trip policy, an annual travel insurance policy to cover you for 365 days, or maybe you're setting sail and need cruise insurance — we can supply a wide array of comparable cover level options for you to choose from. 

The benefits of a Bubble policy:

  • Cancelling your trip if you catch Covid-19 before travelling
  • Cancelling your trip if someone named on the policy catches Covid-19
  • Denial of boarding for your return flight due to a suspected case of Covid-19 (Platinum only or optional extra)
  • Cancelling or cutting your trip short due to changes in FCO advice caused by fire, flood, storm, earthquake, riot or civil unrest

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