Call 01271 862626 (Ilf.) / 01769 572841 (S. Molton) / 01271 374681 (Bple.) 

Hotels used to profit from overpriced international phone calls before mobile phones tipped the balance back in favour of the guest.

Now it's the mobile phone networks who are cashing in as they charge an arm and a leg for roaming. Lux* Resorts believe that holidays should be stress free, which is why if you explore our grounds you'll find an old telephone box that houses a VOIP phone, which will let you make local and international calls free of charge. They just ask one thing. Please do not call the office!

Lux Island Resorts

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You can get hold of our team by calling the following numbers...

 01271 374 681

Barnstaple Branch

 01271 862626

Ilfracombe Branch

 01769 572841

South Molton Branch

If you contact us outside of available hours just leave a voicemail with your name, number and a brief message and we'll get back to you once we re-open!