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pregnant-introPlanning a trip when pregnant can be quite an exciting time especially if you know it’s going to be your last trip for a while. But when planning a trip there are certain aspects you must take into consideration so that your trip is an enjoyable one.

Firstly you need to think about the destination. I would strongly advise that you stick to the UK, but think about this carefully as I went to London and although we had an amazing time and saw all of the sights I was absolutely exhausted and wish I had now thought of a nice little remote cottage in Cornwall. But I suppose we all like a challenge now and then. The other option would be Europe as the flight would be a lot more comfortable then to a long haul destination. When picking your destination pick somewhere that is less remote as you have more medical facilities and shops nearby if required.

picture-strip-londonAnother important factor would be the time of year you travel as you want the weather to be pleasant but not so it’s hot and humid to the point you would rather have stayed at home and not gone away at all. Wherever you decide on you want to enjoy the journey.
I would recommend taking a pillow, flight socks, and comfortable clothes to travel in, snacks and plenty of Gaviscon. (Gets me every time especially after snacking!)

Once you have chosen a destination and booked your holiday you then need to think about packing sensibly. You want to be as comfortable as possible, so for example if you’re likely to be walking a lot then flat shoes, if you plan on swimming or spending your time by the beach then a maternity swimsuit and rent a sun bed, this is a must.! Just remember when it gets to midday and it’s too hot they take some shelter and keep cool... nobody likes sunstroke especially a pregnant women! Take lots of sun cream, a hat and a range of clothes so on hot days you can dress cooler and then when there is a bit of a chill you will want something to keep warm. Remember any prescriptions you are taking have plenty more as a backup.

I would try to pick a resort with a shorter transfer from the airport and then it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself, after all this is why you are having this break. If you need to rest and don’t feel like that day trip then don’t go, your travel companions will understand. It may be that your travel companions want a day out on a 4 wheel drive or a hiking trip... feel free to stay back again relax by the pool or take part in a yoga class or aqua aerobics... remember it’s your holiday your choice.

Always drink plenty of bottled water and keep hydrated because if you don’t this can make you and your baby quite ill. Try the local cuisine but be careful that food is cooked properly and always watch out when seafood is ordered.

Most importantly have a wonderful time away because the next trip abroad you take will most likely be as a family and then it will change all aspects of travel but also be an amazing new adventure.

I can’t wait for my little girl to get here... I want to show her the World.

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